The Complete Guide to looking after your Teeth and Gums (The A to Z of Oral Hygiene)

We are here to provide high quality and affordable dental care for all our patients but the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure

At Ryde Dental Practice, we want to help everyone in the community to know WHY and HOW to look after their oral hygiene.

We will be continuously updating this page so that you have the latest information and most complete guide to looking after your teeth and gums.

 child toothbrush


  • SOFT – ALWAYS buy a soft bristled tooth brush – NEVER get medium or hard bristled brushes because they can be tooth hard and potentially cause damage to your tooth or gums. Medium or hard bristled toothbrushes are essentially sold because there is a segment in the market who thinks they get a better clean from having harder bristles. Electric toothbrushes are generally soft bristled
  • SMALL – get a small sized tooth brush head. The smaller the toothbrush head, the easier it is
  • 2×2 – the rule is to brush 2 times a day and to brush 2 minutes each time
  • GUMLINE – brush gently at a 45 degree angle into the gumline. We aren’t just wanting to brush the teeth, but also wanting to clean along the gumline to sweep away the plaque that can build up there.  There is always a 1-3mm crevice at the gumline and because of this plaque can build up and become stuck

Interdental Cleaning (Flossing/Piksters/Flossettes/etc)

  • MUST – cleaning in the gaps between the teeth is NOT an alternative to brushing your teeth. It’s an ESSENTIAL part of cleaning your teeth and looking after your gums. Your toothbrush can clean the outside, top and inside surfaces of your teeth, but they CANNOT clean in the gaps between the teeth
  • MULTIPLE OPTIONS – flossing is just ONE method of many different ways to clean in the gaps between the teeth. You can use flossettes, piksters/interdental brushes, super floss, I’ve even had a patient who didn’t want to pay for floss and used strips of cut up plastic bags.
    • Floss
    • Flossettes
    • Piksters/Interdental Brushes
    • Super Floss