Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment (RCT) is the cleaning, sterilising and filling of the inside of the tooth when the nerve of the tooth has become infected

Why do we need it?

Root canal treatment is required when the nerve of the tooth (‘the pulp’) becomes infected. In the middle of each tooth,  there is a tunnel called the root canal which contains the nerve of the tooth.  If a decayed or broken tooth is left untreated, bacteria enters the root canal and causes an infection of the nerve.  Sometimes the infection of the nerve is so severe that an abscess forms inside the mouth.  Other times, you may not even notice any pain or discomfort from a tooth that requires root canal treatment. 

X-Ray of Tooth decay

What is involved during root canal treatment?

Illustration of root canal treatment

The basic steps include numbing the tooth, placing a rubber dam on the tooth to keep the tooth clean, cleaning the inside of the tooth, placing medicine inside the root canals, making sure the infection is gone, placing a root filling inside of the tooth, then finally placing a filling or crown on the tooth. Xrays are taking before, during and after treatment to review the tooth and ensure accuracy of treatment. 

Root canal rubber dam

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